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Anti-yellowing promoter YX-369

Ingredients: Highly efficient antioxidant promoter mixtureAppearance: light yellow or white particle
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Ingredients: Highly efficient antioxidant promoter mixture

Appearance: light yellow or white particles

Density: 1.08-1.10

Contamination: None

Moisture% max: 0.9

Storage: Stored for half a year in dry environment at room temperature

Packaging: 25kg carton


1. No carcinogenic nitrosamines are produced during the vulcanization process.

2. Have safe vulcanization time and excellent vulcanizate physical properties.

3. As the pre-dispersed rubber master batch particles, they can be mixed quickly and dispersed with no dust and color contamination.

4. QUV anti-yellowing test can meet the requirements of level 4.5 or level 5.0.

5. To reduce the occurrence of freezing of vulcanized rubber, colorless pollution.

Usage: add the chemicals or reinforcing agent at the same time in the initial period of mixing

Dosage: The proper usage of adding the active agent (DEG, PEG) in the white formulation is to add about 2-2.5phr of YX-369 and the active agent (DEG: PEG = 4:6) with about 10% of the white smoke that is preferred in order to fully achieve the vulcanization effect of YX-369, and if the chemical agent TS-80 of 0.1-0.3PHR is added as the second accelerator, the vulcanization rate can be added to increase the crosslinking density.

PS: This guide is only used for reference. The process operation and use are beyond our control, we cannot make any promise.

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