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Modified agent S-2b1
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Modified agent S-2b1

Ingredients: Aggregates of unsaturated aromatic hydrocarbonsAppearance: white or transparent particl
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Ingredients: Aggregates of unsaturated aromatic hydrocarbons

Appearance: white or transparent particles

Specific gravity: 1.05 (25 C)

Softening point: 100±5 C

Solubility: soluble in aromatic solvents, semi-soluble in gasoline

Storage: Stored for at least two years in dry environment at room temperature

Packing: 25kg paper bag


1. To improve uniform mixing of different polarities and viscous rubbers (e.g. EPDM, EVA); and also can be used in a single rubber.

2. To increase the bonding of EVA and rubber, improve the peeling strength.

3. To enhance the surface of the adhesive material, facilitate the vulcanized rubber bonding in the molding process.

4. To be quickly absorbed by the rubber in the mixing cycle, so other additives can also be quickly mixed.

5. To improve the flow of medium and large material in the mold without affecting the original color.

6. To add the moderate amount of recycled materials to reduce raw material costs and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Usage: addition of it in the initial period of mixing

Dosage: 2-5PHR

PS: This guide is only used for reference. The process operation and use are beyond our control, we cannot make any promise.

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