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Flow Promoting Agent HQ-2222
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Flow promoting agent HQ-2222

Ingredients: A mixture of hydrocarbons and surfactantsAppearance: white granularSpecific gravity: 0.
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Ingredients: A mixture of hydrocarbons and surfactants

Appearance: white granular

Specific gravity: 0.95±0.02

Melting point: 85 - 115

Molecular weight: 1500±300

Moisture% max: 0.5

Discoloration: none

Storage: Stored for one year in dry environment at room temperature

Packaging: 25 kg paper bag


1. To reduce the Mooney viscosity of rubbers, increase the fluidity and dispersion of the rubbers.

2. To help releasing and the elimination of bubbles, reduce the instability of the products in complex molds without affecting bonding.

3. To reduce the defect rate to decrease labor costs and save electricity.

4. To increase the speed of extrusion and the smoothness of the finished product surface. 

5. To improve the dimensional stability of finished products and uniformity of foam products, and reduce shrinkage.

Usage: addition of it in the initial period of mixing

Dosage: 2-5PHR

Application: Applicable to NR, SBR, BR, CR, EPDM, NBR and other rubbers, TPR, EVA and various plastics.

PS: This guide is only used for reference. The process operation and use are beyond our control, we cannot make any promise.

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