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Anti-ozone freezing agent YX-686
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Anti-ozone freezing agent YX-686

Anti ozone defroster yx-686Ingredients: antioxidant polymer derivativeAppearance: white or yellow pa
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Ingredients: Antioxidant polymer derivatives

Appearance: white or yellow particles

Density: 1±0.1g/cm³

Contamination: None


1. YX-686 can be used to prevent the ozone freezing problem caused by the poor weather resistance of rubbers.

2. YX-686 can be used to inhibit the annoying rubber freezing effectively utilizing organic anti-aging anti-ozone agents to prevent ozone from cracking rubber and cooperating with the nano-powder to fill rubber molecular chain gap for complementing with each other.

3. YX-686 can be used as a general excellent antioxidant, with the ability to prevent heat aging resistance and resistance to ozone aging and rubber interchangeability and other characteristics.

4. YX-686 can provide good weather resistance and compression permanent deformation resistance characteristics for vulcanized rubbers.

5. X-686 can be used for light-colored and raw rubber sole without contamination.

Dosage: 1-3PHR

Usage: add the chemicals or reinforcing agent at the same time in the initial period of mixing

Packing: 25kg box

Storage: Stored for two years in dry environment at room temperature

PS: This guide is only used for reference. The process operation and use are beyond our control, we cannot make any promise.

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