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What is the function of PVC rubber and plastic assistant?

The multiphase system of PVC processing products often results in poor compatibility, which leads to

The multiphase system of PVC processing products often results in poor compatibility, which leads to poor mechanical properties and unstable processing of PVC products, resulting in increased cost.

At the same time, stearic acid, titanate coupling agent and aluminate coupling agent were used to modify the inorganic filler to change the lipophilicity of the inorganic phase, but they did not fundamentally change the balance and compatibility of the multi-phase PVC system. The long-term industrial application showed that there would be defects:

① The viscosity of processed melt is high;

② The dispersion of inorganic fillers and pigments in organic polymers is poor;

③ The compatibility between the lipophilic chain of the traditional coupling agent and each phase of PVC system is poor, which greatly reduces the impact toughness and strength of the composite.

After using PVC rubber and plastic additives, it can disperse inorganic powder and pigment efficiently, reduce surface tension of phases in PVC multiphase complex system efficiently; eliminate micro interphase microcracks and interphase stresses caused by poor compatibility between phases in PVC multiphase complex system, greatly improve mechanical properties of PVC composite; integrate PVC multiphase system efficiently, improve PVC processing performance and PVC product surface It can improve the filling amount of inorganic powder in PVC Composite by 50% - 100% and ensure the good product quality and reduce the enterprise cost.

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