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The function and parameters of Yuxing rubber and plastic auxiliary agent

The apparent quality of rubber products has a certain influence. Frost spraying refers to a phenomen

The apparent quality of rubber products has a certain influence. Frost spraying refers to a phenomenon that liquid or solid admixtures migrate to the rubber surface through the rubber interior. Frost spraying will cause the surface of rubber products to appear white, yellow, gray, etc., and may also appear bright spots, so that the surface has no luster and performance. Frost spray will reduce the self adhesion of rubber, affect the adhesion of rubber, fiber and metal materials, and increase the molding difficulty.

The comprehensive anti frost accelerator of Yuxing rubber and plastic material manufacturer can improve the frost spraying of rubber products. Its products are easy to mix and disperse in the rubber materials, and have good vulcanization flatness. The products after vulcanization are not easy to produce frost spraying. The vulcanized rubber has good tensile and tear resistance, thermal tear resistance and crack growth. No pollution, no color change, very stable color, especially in the production of rubber sole products, it is not easy to change color, good yellow resistance, up to 4 levels.

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