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Functional classification of rubber and plastic additives

Rubber and plastic additives, also known as rubber and plastic additives, are some compounds that mu

Rubber and plastic additives, also known as rubber and plastic additives, are some compounds that must be added to improve the processing performance of polymer (synthetic resin) or to improve the performance of resin itself. There are many types of auxiliaries, and they can be divided into six types according to their functions. Then Yuxing rubber and plastic material manufacturer will talk about these six types.

1. Additives for improving processing performance: lubricants, release agents, stabilizers, processing aids, thixotropic agents, plasticizers, PVC stabilizers, etc.

2. Auxiliaries for improving mechanical properties: plasticizer, reinforcing filler, toughener, anti attack modifier, etc.

3. Auxiliaries for improving optical properties: pigments, dyes, nucleating agents, fluorescent whitening agents, etc.

4. Auxiliaries to improve aging performance: antioxidant, PVC stabilizer, UV absorber, bactericide, mildew inhibitor, etc.

5. Additives for improving surface performance: antistatic agent, smoothing agent, wear-resistant agent, anti adhesion agent, anti fog agent, etc.

6. Additives for improving other properties: foaming agent, combustion supporting agent, chemical crosslinking agent, coupling agent, anti gnawing agent, etc.

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