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Properties of rubber and plastic promoter

The addition of rubber plasticizer accelerant to rubber can promote the reaction between rubber and

The addition of rubber plasticizer accelerant to rubber can promote the reaction between rubber and curing agent, improve the curing speed, reduce the curing temperature, shorten the curing time, reduce the amount of curing agent, and improve the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of vulcanizate. Different rubber uses different curing system and different accelerator types. Accelerant plays a decisive role in scorch performance. The correct choice of accelerant is helpful to the mixing, calendering, extruding and operation safety of rubber compound. Generally, molding vulcanization requires a certain scorch time, while mold sulfur free does not require a long scorch time.

The scorch resistance of accelerant is related to its critical temperature. When accelerant is activated beyond the critical temperature, some accelerants will be inhibited, and some accelerants will show greater activity under the critical temperature. The combination of accelerant should make the compound have wide vulcanization flatness. Because rubber is a poor conductor of heat, the internal heating condition of the rubber surface is not uniform. The wide vulcanization flatness is to avoid over sulfur and ensure the uniform vulcanization of all parts of the product.

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